After Builders Cleaning Service

At Pink Swan Cleaning we offer after builders cleaning services to our clients. When builders are finished, there is often the almighty task left of clearing up after them.

Many homeowners find dirt and dust not just in the room where the work was taking place but also that somehow it has spread to every nook and cranny of their home. No matter how many precautions we take to ensure it wont spread, particles are so small so they often escape through the smallest of crevices!

Pink Swan Cleaning is able to provide services that will not only remove and clean up the dirt, dust and debris left over from building work, renovations and home improvements but will also be able to provide the heavy duty tools, chemicals and equipment needed to ensure your home is left immaculate and ready for use.

We offer each of our clients complete peace of mind with the knowledge that each and every one of our cleaners

  • House Cleaning- Living rooms, Hallways, stairs, bedrooms and more can all be meticulously cleaned. Left over paint splatters, dust and plaster with be removed. We will Vacuum, dust, mop and steam clean your carpets, floors and upholstery if required. Everything will be cleaned, including doorframes, skirting boards, sockets and switches.
  • Kitchen cleaning- service suitable after any kitchen refurbishments or renovations. We will clean ovens, fridges and microwaves and the inside and outside of cupboards. Hard surfaces will also be cleaned and disinfected. This includes sinks, taps, floors and work surfaces. The floor can also be steam cleaned if required. * Windows, doors, frames, skirting boards and sockets will also be cleaned.
  • Bathroom cleaning- service suitable after any bathroom refurbishments or renovations. Toilets, sinks, taps, tiles, mirrors, showers and bathtubs will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. All frames, windows and doors will also be cleaned. The floor can also be steam cleaned if required. *


  • After Builders Clean
  • Using our cleaning products/materials*
  • Minimum 4 Hours Please contact us for pricing
Please note- Quotations provided without viewing your property are approximate and are based on average cleaning requirements and property sizes. Based on your requirements and a viewing of your property,  prices may increase/decrease. For cleaning services that require the use of our products, materials or equipment, parking charges are applied where parking cannot be provided.