Oven Cleaning Service

At Pink Swan Cleaning, we also offer professional oven cleaning services and at very competitive rates. We are able to clean all brands and models of ovens within a few hours. (Ranges and AGAS can take longer) We are able to remove grease fat and burnt on carbon deposits in a safe, hygienic and environmentally friendly way and your oven is safe to use as soon as we’ve finished! We are also able to clean Microwaves, Fridges, Freezers, BBQ’S and other kitchen appliances!

Standard Width

90cm Width Ranges or Bigger
  • Single Wide Oven (inc. 3 racks)
  • £8000
AGA (Alpha/Stanley/Rayburn)
*Please Note- Our service includes cleaning of original racks/grill pans only. Additional Fixtures will occur extra charges.  Prices are based on appliances which are in a reasonable used condition- heavily soiled appliances may incur additional charges. It may not be possible to clean and remove the inner glass panel/s on some older oven models. We will only remove oven doors and glass where screws and hinges are easily visible and removable and show no signs of rust or corrosion.   There is a minimum charge of £60 for our oven cleaning services. Parking charges are applied where parking cannot be provided.