Domestic Cleaning Service

In today’s increasingly fast-paced world, time is a precious commodity. We are often forced to juggle several things at once. Working, cooking, cleaning, washing, ironing and dealing with family life and other responsibilities can at times be overwhelming.

A major source of frustration and stress is the never-ending onslaught of housework. Often, we would love a helping hand to ease the workload and enable us to regain some of the life-balance that at times seems to have vanished.

However, we often don’t know who we can turn to for help…

About our Domestic Cleaning

Here at Pink Swan Cleaning, we individually tailor our cleaning services to suit the needs of each and every individual client. Whether you want a regular clean once a week or every fortnight, or a one off clean we are here to help. We can even offer you the option of providing all the cleaning products, materials and equipment needed for your clean or you can provide them for your maid at a reduced hourly cost.

We offer each of our clients complete peace of mind with the knowledge that each and every one of our cleaners

  • Speak fluent English
  • Are carefully vetted and interviewed
  • Are CRB checked
  • Are legally permitted to work in the UK
  • Come with several references.
  • All fully insured and covered by our extensive public liability and employers liability insurances.

Your maid will attend your property in full uniform in one of our own Pink Swan Cleaning Company vehicles. You will be provided with one of our simple to use job/feedback sheets that will enable you to specify the tasks you want performed simply by ticking a few boxes! Your maid will have to confirm each task has been completed to your satisfaction before she leaves your property. Therefore you are guaranteed to get the services you ask for and to a standard that will exceed your expectations!

The cleaning products and chemicals we use are extremely strong and therefore provide an advanced level of cleaning performance that far outweighs the performance of the cleaning products found in supermarkets. All our products have the appropriate health and safety data sheets and our cleaners are given specialist awareness training. All of our commercial vacuums are fitted with HEPA filters which means not only are they extremely well built and powerful, they are also designed to pick up 99.97% of all particles that are greater than 0.3 micrometers from the air passing through them. Once your home has been vacuumed with one of these, you will feel as well as see the difference!

We also promote the use of steam mops as an alternative to traditional buckets and mops, as they are more efficient, cost effective and eco-friendly whilst simultaneously maintaining high levels of hygiene.

All of our products are biodegradable and environmentally friendly so we are able to provide safe and effective use of the products we supply.

How this benefits you

  • Less scrubbing means less corrosion to your hard surfaces
  • Great for allergy sufferers
  • Less chemicals being used in your home
  • More hygienic
  • Helps you to be more environmentally friendly and eco-aware
  • Floors and hard surfaces are cleaned more efficiently
  • Floors and hard surfaces are cleaned more quickly
  • Saves money and space, as you no longer have to buy and stock up your cupboards with costly chemicals, products and equipment!
  • Reduces the cleaners cleaning time and saves you money!

Our rates for cleaning with your cleaning products/materials/equipment
  • Weekly Clean from
  • £ 1300Hour
  • Using your cleaning products/materials/equipment*
  • Minimum 2 Hours
  • Fortnightly Clean from
  • £ 1350Hour
  • Using your cleaning products/materials/equipment*
  • Minimum 3 Hours
  • One off clean from
  • £1600Hour
  • Using your cleaning products/materials/equipment*
  • Minimum 3 Hours

Our rates for cleaning with our cleaning products/materials or equipment
  • Weekly Clean from
  • £1500Hour
  • Using our cleaning products/materials*
  • Minimum 2 Hours
  • Fortnightly Clean from
  • £1550Hour
  • Using our cleaning products/materials*
  • Minimum 3 Hours
  • One off clean from
  • £1900Hour
  • Using our cleaning products/materials*
  • Minimum 3 Hours
  • SPECIAL OFFER-Spring/Deep Clean
  • £2100Hour
  • Using our cleaning products/materials/equipment
  • Minimum 4 Hours


Ironing services available upon request

*If you would like the cleaner to use our industry leading, commercial vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters and our allergy approved, powerful, chemical free steam mops there will be an additional charge of £25. For regular cleans this charge is reduced to £17.50.

We also offer steam cleaning for bathrooms and kitchens! Prices starting at just £34.99! Terms and conditions apply

Please note-All prices are inclusive. Prices are approximate and are based on average cleaning requirements and property sizes. Based on your requirements, prices may increase/decrease. For cleaning services that require the use of our products, materials or equipment, parking charges are applied where parking cannot be provided.